Nutrition and Myasthenia Gravis: Foods to Avoid for Better Symptom Management

Myasthenia gravis (MG), a neurological condition that weakens voluntary muscles, requires a complex and personalized treatment approach. In addition to essential pharmacological therapy, nutrition plays a significant role in the daily management of symptoms. Therefore, it becomes important to identify and limit certain foods that may negatively affect the well-being of those living with MG.

Foods and Substances to Limit:
Salt and Sugars: Reducing these ingredients helps counteract water retention and hypertension, common side effects of corticosteroids.
Bitter Snacks and Beverages: Avoiding beverages with bittering agents containing quinine, such as chinotto, bitters, or tonic water, and foods like licorice can help alleviate MG symptoms.
Magnesium-Rich Foods: Magnesium, found for example in chocolate, egg whites, and nuts, may interfere with some treatments, worsening symptoms.
Alcohol: Limiting or eliminating alcohol helps reduce the risk of symptom exacerbation.
Refined Carbohydrates: Reducing their consumption can improve energy levels and decrease fatigue.

Tips for a Balanced and Personal Diet:
Listen to Your Body: It's crucial to recognize that food responses are individual; what exacerbates symptoms in one person may not affect another.
Moderation and Balance: Maintaining a varied and balanced diet is essential to ensure a complete nutrient intake without neglecting individual needs.
Consultation with Specialists: Before making significant dietary changes, it's crucial to consult with nutritionists or doctors. This ensures that dietary choices are compatible with MG treatment and adequate nutrition.

Myasthenia gravis requires a holistic approach that includes, in addition to pharmacological therapy, special attention to nutrition. Direct experience underscores the importance of a personalized diet that takes into account individual reactions and contributes to optimal symptom management. Collaborating with healthcare professionals and adopting a mindful dietary regimen are fundamental steps toward improving quality of life.

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