mama health was born to improve patient lives

We envision a future where patients' experiences and insights shape every aspect of healthcare. With our innovative platform, we bring together the collective wisdom of patients, healthcare providers, and industry leaders to unlock a new era of collaboration, discovery, and patient-centered innovation.

Our drive to empower

At mama health, we have a shared vision to transform healthcare and empower patients to be active participants in their own care. Our founders, driven by personal experiences and a deep desire for positive change, recognized the untapped potential of patient insights in shaping the future of healthcare.

Our team

Mattia Marco Caruson
Chief Executive Officer

“What can be measured, can be improved. We need to start measuring the patient journey”

Dr. Jonas Witt
Chief Medical Officer

“Chronic patients acquire a lot of knowledge about their specific journey - we need to capture that knowledge to benefit other patients and improve research”

Dr. Adriatik Nikaj
Chief Technology Officer

“The journey of a patient involves many steps and today, patients are still the only ones who can retrieve them all”

Johannes Unruh
Chief Product Officer

“I self-diagnosed myself with a rare condition. Patients, together, can change the rules of healthcare”

Lorenzo Famiglini
Head of AI
Marcello Angione
Head of Marketing
Dr. Anita Puppe
Founder Associate
Philipp Heitmann
Data Scientist
Lara Malinov
Data Scientist
Marcin Praski
Janina Sick
Product Manager
Matilde Franco
Product Manager
Giuseppe Sorrentino
Product Manager
Alessia Marchi
Product Manager
Katrina Holmes
Product Trainee
Doris Pesce
Partnerships Manager
Adam Toth
Software Developer
Mohamad Altalli
Software Developer Trainee

Our achievements

received in public fundings
minutes of conversations with patients
collaborations with research institutions and patient organizations
conditions supported (more soon!)

Our core values to drive the future of digital healthcare

  1. Patient-centricity. Just how a mom would care for their child, we are designing the future of healthcare with a personalized, empathetic approach. Our goal is to make our patients feel heard, understood, and cared for at every step of their healthcare journey.
  2. Social Impact. We aim to reduce health disparities and improve healthcare outcomes, thus making a positive difference in the world.
  3. Continuous Innovation. We live on the cutting edge of technology, always striving to find novel and more efficient ways to enhance patient care.
  4. Integrity. We operate with honesty and transparency, building trust with our users while strictly complying with ethical and regulatory standards.

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